Founded in 2004, Environmental Advisement, Ltd. is a bio-environmental, ergonomically correct civil engineering, and green consulting firm. It's primary objective is to improve clients' overall productivity and performance through educating about the most environmentally advanced methods currently available in an ever-evolving greener business world.

In today's constantly changing environment, the newest, most advanced methods of going green are presented to clients in a variety of ways. First a complete environmental analysis is conducted, to include a site visit, soil samples, water samples, photographs, noise assessment, air samples, waste assessment, and population per square capita.

After which time a report will be presented to the client in a very easy-to-read format, that addresses the different solutions available of going greener.

Clients that can benefit from this type of analysis are businesses, both established wanting a more environmentally green improvement, and brand new start-up businesses to include location assessment, and green architechural design and construction. We have also conducted environmental analyses on residences.

Owner's Welcome and Opening Message

After working for many other environmental companies, from civil engineering, to bio-materials analysis, and just plain old environmental consulting, I decided to open up my own environmental consulting company, whereby I would offer all three services.

I give you my promise of providing the best possible environmentally sound advice available in the free world today.

and I will always work for the lowest rates attainable to give my clients the lowest price in the industry.

From our family to yours,

Always the best,


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